When trying to post the question with the topic, Answers with no references which have been contested for a long while, I got a message flagged up saying enter image description here This was because 27 minutes prior to that, I asked about Ligaments at the posterior superior iliac spine on Biology.SE (non-meta).

Because of the 40 minute block on questioning, I had to wait a further 40 minutes after asking the previous question on meta to ask this question also on meta. This is frustrating when you may be researching a few things and have a few separate questions.

Does this apply between non-meta questions as well as meta to meta questions?

Why would asking a question on non-meta stop you asking a question on meta within 40 minutes of each other?


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Any user with less than 125 rep need to wait 40 minutes before posting a question anywhere in the SE network. It was implemented to slow down spammers from asking questions networkwide.

See here for more information.


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