Every once in a while there are some close votes of human biology questions that are explicitly on topic here. It came up again today here. Not the best question, I'll admit, but it shouldn't be closed as health related. I would remind everyone that we currently have three bullet points describing What questions are on topic on Biology.SE:

  • general questions about biological concepts
  • questions about the biological mechanisms behind medical conditions
  • questions about techniques in a biological or biochemical laboratory

VTC instincts may come from a lack of familiarity, but remember, biology is a big field. I think that's one of the reasons this is a healthy, active stack. Human disease mechanisms and the basic sciences that inform medicine are certainly a subset of biology and have been explicitly on topic. If the community wants to change that and send any human disease related question to MedicalSciences.SE, lets have that discussion, but I think this would require a meta discussion first, followed by a change to the help center language, and perhaps a custom close reason or migration path.

Please don't close questions about the biological mechanisms behind medical conditions without getting community consensus that we no longer want to answer those types of question here.


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