I ask this question on Academia.SE (How can physicists help in theoretical biology, besides math and fresh perspectives?) but it is decided to be off topic because it is ask for "the content of your research, rather than the process of doing research" as state in its help center. Because I would like to open it again, I want to move this question to Biology here. Will it be on topic? Two bullets of what is off topic here:

  • personal medical questions and health advice
  • philosophical or ethical questions related to biology

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The question: "How can physicists help in biology" sounds too broad to me. There are physicists with different kinds of specialization. Instead of asking what can a physicist do in biology, IMO it is better to ask for examples where principles of physics have been applied to solve a biological problem.

You said you had worked in the area of biophysics. You can highlight some points that you found were interdisciplinary.

Also note that physicists have a training in mathematics and that also makes them capable of working on theoretical aspects of biology that may fall under the realm of theoretical chemistry/chemical engineering (rate equations etc).

So you should also clarify what areas of physics you are interested in; is it about application of principles of physics or just advantages of having a degree in physics?

If the question sounds like "What are the career options for a physicist in a biology department," then it would be considered off topic. Otherwise I shall consider this on-topic in biology SE, given it is not too broad.


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