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Self help question

The question "What exactly is neuroplasticity, and can it be demonstrated with a simple experiment?" was closed because of off-topicness due to self-help. The only reference to a do-it-yourself was ...
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What factors do you consider when deciding whether to close a question?

I recently and quickly voted to close this question but after considering comments by @shigeta I voted to reopen. When I first read the question, I thought it was rather silly. Yet, I realized I would ...
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2 votes
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Guidelines I’m missing?

I realize I’ve been gone for a while, but a no-comment close vote to my first question since coming back: Boost of Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine increasing Immune Response to Vector Caught me by surprise. ...
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Reopen question now closed as duplicate, since the question it is pointing to has been deleted?

Shouldn't this question on the hunting of prairie dogs be reopened, since it is now closed as a duplicate and the question it is pointing to has been deleted? To have questions closed as duplicates ...
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Why was my question closed?

Why was my question here closed? IT didn't even get a chance. It clearly asks a different question than the questions asked by the supposed duplicate. How do I appeal this, or am I just not going to ...
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