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What's wrong with this question that was edited to include research?

The question, uhh... in question: If you only ate fruits, vegetables or smoothies would you be able to skip drinking water? You can follow along by looking at its timeline. Some parts may only be ...
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Downvoting and recommending closure

Is it ethical to downvote a question and recommend closing it simultaneously? The reasons for downvoting a question are stated as "This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear ...
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Why are there so many poor questions?

I've noticed that on Biology.SE there are so many poor questions at Biology? See for example here, here, and here. They usually appear as first questions of new users, don't show the faintest sign of ...
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What happens to the bounty when a question gets closed?

When an open bounty is on a question and this question gets closed, will I get my reputation back or can people still answer this question?
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Closing questions too quickly

I have recently seen a few cases where questions have been closed very quickly (after a few hours), usually with a "question unclear" motivation, but with no further comments to the OP. Examples are: ...
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Close privileges

I have come back to this site after a long time and I have noticed that I cannot cast close votes or reopen votes anymore. I noticed that it now says that this privilege can only be achieved once I ...
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Should older posts be judged against today's (often different) standards?

I have begun to notice old posts (more than 1.5 years old) showing up in the close queue. Many sites, when they first begin, have more lax standards, and that is okay. However, as the community ...
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Popular misconceptions

This question was asked yesterday by a new user (Can DNA & RNA be considered as nature's programming language?) which, in my opinion, was totally answerable in a general sense, and would ...
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Is asking for an article the same as a 'give me teh codes' question?

There are questions floating around that are researched to a point but essentially are just asking for a specific article. At best such a question looks like this one. I understand questions that ask ...
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