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Is it possible to see the comments of a deleted answer?

Some days ago, I received a new answer to one of my questions. I found this answer interesting and I wanted to check the comments associated to it if any. Unfortunately, this answer has been deleted. ...
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Why was I suspended for 30 days for "plagiarism", when I linked to and blockquoted a Reddit comment?

I screenshot this now deleted post. As anyone could've seen then, and you can see now, I blockquoted, and linked to, that Reddit comment. Doubtless I never intended to "plagiarize". I admit ...
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Why was it hidden / deleted?

I have a question about my Biology Stack Exchange post: What could it be? HPV? Hi. My question was hidden / deleted without any attempt to improve the question. Please can you help me understand or ...
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In the Biology SE I have posted a question on may 31,2019.After some days it got deleted by community◆mod(system).Please,can you undelete it?

The question which I have posted got automatically deleted on June 21,2019 at 3am IST by community◆ moderator(system).Before that it got closed as too broad.I need to answer that question which was ...
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Retrieving answers from deleted questions

There were two questions posted by someone recently on measles virus, to which I devoted several hours of work in producing answers. The questions and answers disappeared completely over the weekend. ...
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Finding a deleted question without enough rep

I'm asking here a similar question to this one. I'm pretty sure I've asked a question a while ago (years?) about the use of ammonia in agriculture where it is introduce directly into the soil. The ...
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Serious yet entertaining/humorous question deleted somehow. Can I find my old post?

As a former biologist, I had a serious question about the worst-case implications of eating food found on the street, as in what types of poisons would be likely and what their effects might be. From ...
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