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Why is my question about causation downvoted?

I have a question on the main site that asks for studies that give a causative connection between two events/situations. In my opinion, causal inference is a viable field of research. However, the ...
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Voting down answers because you don't like the question

I have noticed a pattern that some people seem to vote down answers to questions not because they have any actual objection to the answer but because they do not approve of the question. A recent ...
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Why is this question on blood supply in tendon downvoted?

Because of one downvote, the question got removed after 30 days. I reposted it and it got downvoted then removed again after 30 after days. The mods don't want me to repost the question as such for a ...
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Downvoting and recommending closure

Is it ethical to downvote a question and recommend closing it simultaneously? The reasons for downvoting a question are stated as "This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear ...
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Why are all of my answers downvoted?

I answer questions to my best ability, correctly, and with as much information as I am able to give, yet 90% of them are instantly shot down, saying it is "not detailed enough." Why does this keep ...
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Why is this question about terminology bad?

I wonder why the question What is the term for being younger than the body age? has 2 downvotes?
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Should there be a limit of downvotes from one particular user?

Context I'm new here and giving this a try since the Neuroscience SE proposal has been shut down. For some reason I seemed to have pissed someone off. There was a bad answer in a question about ...
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Negative votes without explanation

What bothers me for some time now (and has gotten worse from my point of view) is that questions/answers (which might not be perfect) get negative votes without any comment. While it is perfectly ok ...
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Why should a downvote on an answer cost the voter?

There are situations when the answer is incorrect or of poor content. Flagging is not allowed for such answers and is often declined. The best option is to downvote. Why should a person lose their ...
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