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Would it be appropriate to edit this question?

Referring to this question yesterday: Do compound eyes exist in nature that have multiple "pixels" per ommatidium? The text of the question is: If yes, which species? What is the ...
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I tried to explain my question very well, showing that I did my research and explain it thoroughy, but it's closed for not being focused and research?

I just posted a question to Stack Exchange (in "Biology") after a long time. Theoretical question: is it possible to be almost fully female (except reproductive organs), very feminine one, ...
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Proposal to split and retitle the community question on good and bad traits

Background In 2016 a Meta post discussed the problem of questions “that ask for why evolution did not lead to situation-X”. It was suggested that a community wiki question be created, and provided ...
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Recent rejected edits - request for clarification

Yesterday, I edited various posts containing questions about ants, to add the "ant" tag. Four of these were rejected, with the same reason given: How do ants sense imminent rainfall? - the edit was ...
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When a user knows several different answers to one question

I recently posted an answer to the question "How do parasites reprogram brains?". After editing, my answer described three different examples from neuroparasitology. In each of these, the ...
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What is our stance on edits that only add one or several tags?

What is our stance on edits that only add one or several tags? Should they be accepted or rejected? Examples: accepted edit; rejected edit.
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18 votes
2 answers

Is it bad to mention if a specific article is open access or paywalled?

I received an edit on the question Why “Having chlorophyll without photosynthesis is actually very dangerous” and “like living with a bomb”? Removed reference to paywalling. Nature is a print ...
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Why are there so many poor questions?

I've noticed that on Biology.SE there are so many poor questions at Biology? See for example here, here, and here. They usually appear as first questions of new users, don't show the faintest sign of ...
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Metabolism Tag: What is the appropriate use for this tag?

I approved an edit on this question where the metabolism tag was added. I am not 100% sure that I would agree that the essence of the question is about metabolism, but I did not disagree strongly ...
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Editing a question where the edit will change the question's meaning

I have posted an answer to this question. The current question is "Do oral vaccines exist?" In the comments, it has become clear that the user meant to ask something more like "Have any crop plants ...
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Editing a Question's Title

On the topic of editing other people's questions. Is it acceptable to significantly edit a question's title so that it might be found more easily? I'm thinking of this question. The title "Gibbs ...
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On editing posts

I’ve just made a quite substantial edit to an answer. I didn’t change any of the content, just the formatting which I found excessive and consequently disruptive. Now, the original formatting is ...
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Is there a preferred citation style? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should we have a unified format for references? Should links be given or a PMID is enough? Should the links point to PubMed or directly to the journal article? Is there a care-...
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