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Can we have the option to recommend moving a post to se.bioinformatics?

Occasionally we get posts which would be more suited to the However, there isn't an option to suggest the post should be moved under the 'community specific' flag: Can we get this ...
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When should answers be deleted?

I sometimes see answers in the review queue that have apparently been flagged/voted for deletion with the boilerplate comment "this does not answer the question...", or something to that effect. In ...
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Ability to retract flags

Is it possible to retract flags? It has happened a couple of times that I have flagged a post and in the time between flagging and a mod getting to it, it gets edited. I normally only flag if it looks ...
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Are we able to flag users?

Some users of Biology SE struggle to grasp how the site works and find it very hard to work within it's framework. Generally these will be new users, happening increasingly often, that come along ...
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My answer was flagged with a post notice as lacking sources. I added some, but the post notice wasn't removed. Why?

My answer here was flagged with a post notice as lacking sources. I added some, taking care to cite reliable sources. But the post notice remains. What is the issue? Why wasn't the post notice removed?...
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How does one challenge an unsourced answer?

I came across this answer on looking at a question in the sidebar. The answer was accepted and upvoted 6 times. There is a linked study, but it is a counter example (it is cited as a demonstration of ...
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How rapidly should questions be flagged and closed?

I've asked a few questions on SE that have been quickly flagged and closed often within 6 hours. Perhaps, I'm used to the etiquette on Quora but I'm of the opinion that fresh questions that don't ...
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May be time for a flag to Cognitive Sciences SE

I have been seeing a number of questions come up that are more neuroscience related and are likely more appropriate for Cognitive Sciences SE. I realize that this has come up before in this Biology ...
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Off-topic: Problem is caused by a spelling error

There is a rule on StackOverflow: If your code turns out to not have been working as expected simply because you misspelled a variable somewhere, the question is considered off-topic. This is a ...
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Is there an ideal flag for questions in the "avoid asking" category of Biology.SE?

It seems like there are many posts that are eventually flagged for removal because they are not the right type of questions for the site, as described here. The only flag I see that can apply to ...
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How do you flag questions which show no effort whatsoever? [duplicate]

I have been on bio stackexchange for little over a year now, and have encountered many great questions, but also many badly researched and trivial queries. Usually when I see something that goes ...
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Are references needed for facts that we all learn as children aged 1-2?

Are references needed for any of the following facts that we all learn as children aged 1-2: Cubes don't roll Spheres roll Gravity makes spheres roll on slopes Gravity doesn't make spheres roll on ...
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