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Asking to reopen a question closed by mistakes

One user initiated a closing vote to this question: What are some of the earliest known species on earth that display pecking order? One user explained that my question is "homework", ...
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4 answers

Replacement for "Homework" close reason

I'd like to prompt suggestions for replacement of the "homework" reason. I've taken the format from
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4 answers

Homework questions?

I am really against this policy of not answering homework questions. .StackE is supposed to be a community of helpers ans not those who arrogantly delete questions. While preparing for our exams we ...
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1 answer

Minimum effort on "homework" questions - Multiple choice questions

With regard to homework questions, and specifically with multiple choice questions (MCQ) in mind, what are the minimum levels we are looking for in terms of effort to deduce an answer for ones self? ...
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1 answer

The "Homework Questions" page needs to be updated

The question What metric is used when quantifying muscle tightness? was put on hold on the grounds that, given that it is a homework question, the OP should show their attempt at an answer. In the ...
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0 answers

Can we update the question guidelines to improve the quality of homework questions?

A rather disgruntled user posted a question on meta asking why their homework questions were being challenged. There were some good answers explaining why homework questions require more effort than ...
6 votes
2 answers

Does putting a 'homework' tag make a question less likely to be closed?

I couldn't find info on whether this question has been asked before, but here @fileunderwater says (for homework tag): It is used a lot, it is clearly ...
4 votes
1 answer

Feature suggestion: queued homework answers

We get a lot of homework questions which get closed for lack of research effort. Many of these are otherwise good questions and it would be valuable to have these remain open in the long term. This ...
1 vote
1 answer

Change homework policy to disallow Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Current homework policy is to allow questions where the user has shown evidence of trying to answer the question. This is reasonable if there is a definite biological question, the answer to which may ...
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1 answer

Should there be a warning regarding plagiarism in the homework help section

I am concerned that in answering some homework questions one is providing material for the questioner to use to obtain undeserved course credits. It may be spitting into the wind but I think the ...
4 votes
2 answers

What's better? Closing as homework, or adding homework tag?

Question A similar meta post asks how much research should be done to prevent closure. The 1 answer (with 1 vote currently) elluded to "it's up to those with the closing privilege". ...
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2 answers

Hide answers for poor questions

I think one problem with our current system is that people can come here and post poor quality, off-topic, or homework questions etc. Normally these are closed fairly quickly, but often in the mean ...
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1 answer

Why are homework questions considered off-topic?

Currently homework questions are classified as off-topic, meaning this close option is in the close question as off topic reason for closing question. I think the ...
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2 answers

Further Thoughts on Homework

I am new to Biology and am very interested to know how things work around here. The question here seems perfectly valid to me. Yet it has been put on hold as homework question. I checked the OP. I ...
20 votes
1 answer

Rethinking the "Homework" close reason

Reading through Meta after seeing a lot of homework-related closures, I found quite a few questions that address our community's confusion with the homework close reason: Is it right to close “easy ...