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Answers left unvoted/unaccepted

My question is related to this post. However, for me, it is not about wanting my answer to be accepted. As a fairly new user in the stack exchange community, it would be very helpful to get feedback/...
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Information about coronaviruses (how to ask, and external resources)

Stack Exchange Biology receives many questions about the outbreak of a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV/SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19) that has spread worldwide. This is understandable. However, ...
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When a user knows several different answers to one question

I recently posted an answer to the question "How do parasites reprogram brains?". After editing, my answer described three different examples from neuroparasitology. In each of these, the ...
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Chat room access minimum rep override?

I just had an extended discussion with a new user about how to write good answers and how to earn rep etc. which had to take place in the comments section of a post. About 15-20 comments were ...
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What are some good, informative comments I can leave for new users?

Many questions on this site are from new/low-reputation users who may not know all of the common rules and expectations of Biology and SE sites in general. Compounding this is the fact that users ...
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Comment templates to provide to new users or users who need a reminder

This post inspired to start a comment template thread for Bio. Many SE sites make use of type of thread to added new and experienced users alike to provide clear, constructive comments to users who ...
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2 answers

How to welcome someone to our site

I recently gained some reviewing privileges here on Biology and really enjoy using them to the best of my ability. I like being fair and giving people - especially new users - the best possible chance ...
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1 answer

Are we able to flag users?

Some users of Biology SE struggle to grasp how the site works and find it very hard to work within it's framework. Generally these will be new users, happening increasingly often, that come along ...
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How to deal with posters of consistent poor quality/incorrect answers

Sometimes new users are answering multiple questions in a short period of time but, as is often the case with new users, the quality is low (formatting, research, lack of good sources) or information ...
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Why are so quick to kill posts that could be legitimate with a little bit of rewording?

Today this post on math.stackexchange was trending on the internet and Hacker News. I was enjoying this ...
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