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Pharmacokinetics question was closed and I'd like it re-opened

I asked a pharmacokinetics question in the stackexchange which another user decided to close. I believe this was unreasonable and request that the question be reopened. The question was regarding how ...
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Asking to reopen a question closed by mistakes

One user initiated a closing vote to this question: What are some of the earliest known species on earth that display pecking order? One user explained that my question is "homework", ...
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Is there any way I can improve my question and get the answer?

I have a question about my Biology Stack Exchange post: Do women also love men's chest/nipples at same extent as men's love for women's breasts? I really don't understand which part of my question is ...
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Should this question about the proportion of biologists who believe x be re-opened?

What is the proportion of biologists... was closed by @Remi.b (gold tag close hammer) as a duplicate. There was some discussion in the comments about whether the question should have been closed.
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Reopen closed ID question originally deemed "too blurry"

I was hoping to get enough votes to reopen this question: I found a bug on my bedroom floor. Is this a bedbug? It was originally closed primarilly because the picture quality is awful -- the ...
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What's the point of closing well answered and well received questions?

It's about What are the advantages of forgetting? I just do not see any benefit of close voting a question that received an accepted answer 5 days before question closure; was well received by the ...
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