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References are sources which support an argument with some hard data (scientific results, statistics etc.).

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Is it bad to mention if a specific article is open access or paywalled?

I received an edit on the question Why “Having chlorophyll without photosynthesis is actually very dangerous” and “like living with a bomb”? Removed reference to paywalling. Nature is a print ...
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Are references needed for facts that we all learn as children aged 1-2?

Are references needed for any of the following facts that we all learn as children aged 1-2: Cubes don't roll Spheres roll Gravity makes spheres roll on slopes Gravity doesn't make spheres roll on ...
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10 votes
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Increase in answers that do not have any references backing them

It has been quite some time that I visited Bio SE. But I have noticed that the number of answers lacking any references to their content have considerably increased. Well of course there are so many ...
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How does one challenge an unsourced answer?

I came across this answer on looking at a question in the sidebar. The answer was accepted and upvoted 6 times. There is a linked study, but it is a counter example (it is cited as a demonstration of ...
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Answers with no references which have been contested for a long while

I am well versed in the way that Psychology.SE and Health.SE work but I am new to Biology.SE so I am trying to find my feet a little here. I came across a question here, Why aren't we ...
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Feature Request: Modification to the "citations needed" banner

Following an upvoted answer on this question, I'm reposting as a feature request. I think the "citations needed" banner is too ineffectual (see examples in this post) in its current form, and should; ...
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An effective measure to counter unreferenced answers

One of the big problems we are having is the number of poorly referenced answers on the site. They often make unsubstantiated and contentious claims without any supporting material, and that's not the ...
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Functionality Request: Community Voting for Answers: Citations Need Banner

There have been a number of examples, (Why does evolution not make our life longer?, Is evolution a fact?, If evolution is not about increased complexity, why does so much complexity evolve?), where ...
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Is wikipedia an acceptable reference source?

In some answers references and links point to wikipedia articles, which may or may not contain good references themselves. Is this deemed as acceptable references? Personally, I dont think they should ...
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Can we please stop the “verbose references” edits?

There is at least one user who has been editing posts to make links into footnotes containing the references as full text (including links). Can we please officially discourage this practice? This ...
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Should we [always] ask for references?

I have possibly spent too much time on Skeptics.SE... but I think we should be a bit more strict in requiring good references for answers. Take for instance these questions (I hope the answerers do ...
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