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Expert opinion and answers to species identification questions. Why not?

The reputation system used by Stack Exchange to rate replies to questions, and to rate those who provide answers, is based on scores given by editors and users with sufficient reputation points. It is ...
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Finding a deleted question without enough rep

I'm asking here a similar question to this one. I'm pretty sure I've asked a question a while ago (years?) about the use of ammonia in agriculture where it is introduce directly into the soil. The ...
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Why haven't I recieved my reputation for upvote?

Two upvotes and an accepted answer is not giving me rep. Why?
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How can I re-trace where the +1s in the recent achievements icon come from?

Perhaps I should go to chat for this, but I can imagine more users have this issue. How can I re-trace where the +1s come from in the reputation-change icon on top of the screen? Firstly, does it ...
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What's an Association Bonus?

Just what the question above says, what is an 'Association Bonus'? And why can't I click on it? I received loads of extra reputation just out of nowhere because of it... (p.s. I'm not complaining, ...
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Chat room access minimum rep override?

I just had an extended discussion with a new user about how to write good answers and how to earn rep etc. which had to take place in the comments section of a post. About 15-20 comments were ...
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Amount of rep suddenly went down

I am curious as to why/how my rep has gone down by 32 in the past couple of hours - there is nothing on my profile as to why. It seems something I replied to and had edited (3 upvotes + edit). Is ...
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