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How to tag questions about animals or other living things surviving being frozen for a long time? Is a new tag needed or just adjust cryonics tag?

Has the 2018 report of nematodes frozen for 30 to 40,000 years been confirmed? Has 14C dating confirmed their age? asks about a July 2018 paper in Doklady Biological Sciences Viable Nematodes from ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Updating tags relevant to answer but not question

Is it appropriate to update a question's tags given: the tag is technically irrelevant to the content of the question itself BUT is relevant to the answer (well voted or correct, of course)? Two ...
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0 answers

How to suggest a Tag-edit without making any change in the main post?

Whenever I try to do any tag-edit for the first-time-on-a-question, an error-message comes "your edit should contain change in at-least 6 characters". When a little tag-edit-suggestion ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Re-tagging questions based on the answers

It often happens that a quite ill-posed question uses tags that are relevant to the question, but that the answer(s) lead(s) to the question core, which is often a different field of Biology. Take ...
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Can't edit a question?

Why do plants have green leaves and not red? For some reason, despite being able to do so for every other question I have come across (including others posted just before) I am unable to edit this ...
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