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10 votes
2 answers

Would this site welcome an influx of technical synthetic biology Q&A?

We have decided to see if there is sufficient critical mass to start a complementary synthetic biology SE site (by analogy, "Electronics.SE" to this site's "Physics.SE"). If ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Are Fermi questions welcome?

Science does not always aim for exact numerical precision. So-called Fermi questions (questions that can be answered using Fermi's estimation technique) have been answered by science (not necessarily ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Spirit behind the term "biological concept" in the Help Center

The Help Center states here that questions about "biological concepts" are allowed. (Also note that the list is non-exhaustive, as it is captioned "..., including:".) What is the spirit behind ...
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What is our stance on questions about muscle tightness?

What is our stance on questions about muscle tightness? Are they on-topic or off-topic? For example, the question: What metric is used when quantifying muscle tightness? attracted one close vote, ...
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