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Proposal to split and retitle the community question on good and bad traits

Background In 2016 a Meta post discussed the problem of questions “that ask for why evolution did not lead to situation-X”. It was suggested that a community wiki question be created, and provided ...
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Why was my question migrated to medical science?

Why was my question migrated to medical science? My question was more about the condition( even if it is a condition in attention of the medical science) in itself( hypothesized causation by fungi) ...
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Is this popular question on mycotoxins in oatmeal off-topic?

How to reduce the quantity of (carcinogenic) mycotoxins in oatmeal? I'm surprised by the amount of attention this question has received. Currently, it has a score of +7, many thoughtful comments, and ...
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Why is this question about terminology bad?

I wonder why the question What is the term for being younger than the body age? has 2 downvotes?
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How is this question opinion based?

Besides fruits and milk, what other things in nature are "intended" to be eaten? I understand that it initially could stir up some emotions regarding the use of language and lack of context,...
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my question was marked as opinion based - I edited it - is it still opinion based

I asked a question How would you affect bulk DNA gene therapy for a human? I had worded the question in a way that might have been open to interpretations about the seriousness of the question or ...
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