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How to tag questions about animals or other living things surviving being frozen for a long time? Is a new tag needed or just adjust cryonics tag?

Has the 2018 report of nematodes frozen for 30 to 40,000 years been confirmed? Has 14C dating confirmed their age? asks about a July 2018 paper in Doklady Biological Sciences Viable Nematodes from ...
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How to remove or substitute a tag

I am wondering if the tags should be cleaned up. I made a few several unsuccessful attempts, because I don't know how to delete or merge tags. For example experiment is a tag with 5 hits or so, but ...
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Biology tag management, merging, and cleanup (2015)

In light of AliceD's question here, I decided to start a tag: management, merging, and cleanup post. The idea is being borrowed from math.SE. The rules of the game are: post your suggestion as an ...
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What is the problem with breasts?

Until a few minutes ago, Biology SE had questions with the tag breasts. Then, a moderator swiftly orphaned the tag by editing the following questions in quick succession: What controls the size of ...
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