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Is it OK to repost question from some other SO if it wasn't answered there?

I have asked a question on as I thought it belongs a best there. But also I believe it would be on-topic here. As the health SO has much fewer users than biology it ...
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How to post an answer to a closed question?

Question is here, I commented my answer to it, But I want to post my answer in Answer box, Due to closed status, I can't do anything.
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2 votes
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Can you "bump" a question?

I saw that recently marked "active" questions are way more likely to be read and answered. While digging into the old questions I saw a couple that are actually quite interesting and might deserve ...
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Unanswered question event- level 2

Sort of a revival of this post. UPDATE on 24th Nov 2014 ...
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What is to be done with questions that have no answers yet?

The issue of unanswered question fraction is always in discussion (and it being a factor for site graduation). In my opinion a lot of mechanisms are unknown in biology (even for some commonly ...
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Comments with Answers

I've seen a few questions now that have 0 answers, but have long comments that for all intents are trying to answer rather than clarify the question. For example, this post. When I see a comment ...
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Recent lack of answers - is an answer lag a problem?

Out of the last 20 questions (most asked more than a day ago), 15 do not have an answer or no upvoted answer (this is the case for the 14 latest). On a slightly longer prespective it also feels like ...
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