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Why don't many of 'us' users vote more often?

A comment by Rover Eye which can be found here got me thinking. I'll have to agree with @canadianer on this one. Bio SE has a bit of a lower voting and acceptance rate, in the SE ecosystem. – ...
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Is asking for an article the same as a 'give me teh codes' question?

There are questions floating around that are researched to a point but essentially are just asking for a specific article. At best such a question looks like this one. I understand questions that ask ...
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Masking answer votes

I'm sure we've all noticed that there is a big advantage in being first to answer a question, it gives an opportunity for upvoting to occur before other (potentially better) answers are added. This ...
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Do we need to change voting patterns?

It is obvious that voting patterns differ dramatically between topics. From my personal experience, answers that lie closer to my own work and the ones I put most effort into receive relatively few ...
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"Vote early, vote often"

This is a reproduction of Scott Morrison's post on meta.tex.SE; I believe it is very much applicable to this community as well: I'm a moderator from MathOverflow, and this "question" is ...
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