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Answers left unvoted/unaccepted

Sometimes people comment on answers, either to explain why they are down-voting them or to suggest an improvement. However, there is a certain reluctance to do this as it can be met with an abusive ...
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Answers left unvoted/unaccepted

SE wide, feedback is primarily provided via the voting system; if your posts are below our standards, you'll know soon enough (downvotes). If they are outstanding, you'll notice through upvotes. ...
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Orphaned Questions and a Method for Accepting Answers

From there, the question would go to a queue so that established users in the most relevant tag could vote to accept an answer to the question No, I don't think this is a good idea. There is a reason ...
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How to deal with an incorrect answer that received many upvotes?

I think there is another example of the wrong answer getting highly upvoted (& accepted) in this question, which got on to the hot network questions (HNQ). I made a meta stack exchange post about ...
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