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Thanks for the report. I have found and fixed the issue - there was a lookup table that was out of sync for just the biology database.


We don't have any migration paths enabled, migration to other SE sites is only possible for moderators. To get a question migrated just flag it for moderator attention. Migration paths are usually only enabled between non-beta sites, and only if there is a significant number of migrated questions.


This is my own answer on Skeptics to the same issue, heavily edited by Shog to add some details: It's the number of reviews available to anyone. As of a couple weeks ago, anyone who has earned the moderator tools privilege is shown the total count of pending reviews in all queues rather than just the number of edits they can review. You might ...


Your flag was handled by the 'Community' user as helpful. When you flag that a post should be closed but don't have close privileges, it puts the question into the Close Votes queue. If another user sees the entry in the Close Votes queue and decides to vote to close for reason of the dupe you marked, the flag is considered 'helpful' and disappears, and ...


Simple answer: replication as a tag is a synonym for dna-replication. Entering a synonym makes the system to replace it by the main tag. In the past it has only been used synonymous, so at one point the synonym was created. Look here for tag synonyms.


Reputation on meta is synchronized once per hour, so it can vary a bit between main and meta site when your reputation changes on the main site.


The problem here is the proposed synonym from botany to plant; if you delete that - it should work OK.


There is a checkbox "show removed posts" on the reputation tab of your profile, if you enable it you can see which removed posts are responsible for the loss of reputation. In this case the reason is that I removed questions posted by a known troll and you had answered one of those.


It was bumped since it was an upvoted question that lacked an upvoted answer before Oct 22. See also this post in Meta-SE on reasons for bumping questions.


There is no need to ask this on meta.stackexchange, this is a topic which can be found in our help center. I really recommend that you take a look and read the important topics there. This gives a much better understanding of the community. Regarding your reputation loss, when you downvote an answer, this person who wrote the answer looses two reputation ...


I have just pushed a fix to give the logo a lighter background color, so you have a chance of seeing it. This will go out with the next chat build (some time today). Thanks for pointing it out!

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