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Biology.SE and professional biologists?

Good question. It's always a good idea to now and then reflect on what our purpose and target audience is, as it often changes over time. Basically, I agree with the OP that biology SE is not really a ...
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Five years of Biology Stack Exchange... what next for this community?

Personally, I think BioSE is beginning to loose it's way. Over recent months I've noticed a couple of possible worrying signs. In my opinion there has been a change in the type of questions we receive....
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New Bioacoustics Stack Exchange Proposal

In addition to the expected niche @BryanKrause alludes to in the comments, I wish to bring up the issue of too much specificity of your proposal in terms of reaching a certain critical mass for the ...
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Should I simplify answers for people who are not biologists?

Summary: No, don't simplify. But please do explain! :). Long Answer: You can do as you please regarding this, but... I suggest and invite you to revisit our Tour page, which indicates for whom ...
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Biology.SE and professional biologists?

Let's be clear on this, Biology SE is (from the tour page): Biology Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for biology researchers, academics, and students Coming to your first question I ...
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Biology.SE and professional biologists?

I agree that the number of very basic questions ( discourages professionals from joining. How did I get here? I am a professional and only landed here because I do IT work, noticed SE Biology while ...
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Biology.SE and professional biologists?

I would like to point out that the existing data, while interesting, requires a few more pieces of information before we can make any conclusions about it. Firstly, do we have any control graphs ...
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