I asked the gardening mods before moving the question, as I think you will most likely not get an answer here. They agreed that it would fit their site, So no, I don't think it will be moved back.


Normal users can only vote to migrate to sites which have graduated, but moderators can. Out of your examples, all the sites are in Beta except Chemistry.SE, so I think it could be added but there is also a close reason that states "General chemistry questions are off topic...." and redirects the OP to Chem.SE A similar question was also asked before.


Whilst the molecules in question are obviously very important in biology, I saw no biological context in either the question or the answer. With that in mind I applied our guidelines for questions about bio-informatics (requiring a clear biological context) and moved it across to Chemistry, where it has gained another answer. I did glance at how much rep ...


The question is about the chemistry of a molecule that is very important in biology. It is in the overlapping area between the chemistry and the biology site, and would be on-topic on both of them, in my opinion. In general, I think we should not migrate questions in this overlapping area unless the author asks us to.

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