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Expert opinion and answers to species identification questions. Why not?

We don't verify the authority of people answering questions, so purported authority/education/experience of the poster are not valid reasons for voting. This is SE Biology, not a US court, and we very ...
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How can I re-trace where the +1s in the recent achievements icon come from?

This can be found it relatively easy: Go into your profile and click on reputation. There you see you reputation listed on a daily base and also for which action you gained (or lost) reputation. +10 ...
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4 votes

Expert opinion and answers to species identification questions. Why not?

Regardless of your (or anyone's) own legitimacy or expertise, the internet doesn't know that about you (nor should users passing through necessarily believe that to be true about you -- there are ...
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2 votes

Why haven't I recieved my reputation for upvote?

You made your post community wiki. Reputation gained by accepted answers and votes (downvotes & upvotes) are not awarded for Community Wiki (CW) posts. Only a moderator will be able to revert the ...
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2 votes

What's an Association Bonus?

If one of your stackexchange accounts has 200+ reputation points, then you get +100 rep points in any new site that you join. This allows you to get past restriction on some basic features (such as ...
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Finding a deleted question without enough rep

Mystery solved. @ Tyberius' answer (in Chemistry meta) points out that my question exists here in Biology SE, but that it was not deleted. I'd searched my questions in Chemistry, then asked for help ...
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