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I have merged questions tagged with inheritance with genetics. Also, I have synonymized inheritance with genetics (master tag).


It should first be emphasized that retagging and adding tags to old posts has negative, as well as positive, consequences for the list. One negative consequence is that old retagged questions come to the top of the list again and dilute and displace new ones that then do not receive the attention they may deserve. This is unfair on posters who have put ...


Since I removed the tags, I will explain why. This tag is pretty irrelevant and had only very few questions (3 before you added it to another two questions) and is thus not helpful. The tags are more of a general sorting, they don't have to be too specific. Also: Please avoid inventing new tags which are not or only sparsely used, as they are then relatively ...


If you don't mind borrowing ideas from other SE, here is what we do on math SE. This is done yearly too. Tags need a regular cleanup. This is a customary thread for tag synonyms etc. Rules of the game are basically the same: post your suggestion as an answer here if you see a particularly bad tag (a rule of thumb: «if I can't imagine ...

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