For the discussion of whether tags are being used correctly on the main site. See 'info' for more tips and suggested complementary tags.

For the discussion of whether tags are being used correctly on the main site.

Duplicate Tags

If a duplicate tag has been created then it should be possible to fix the problem yourself by editing the tags of the offending questions (empty tags are removed every night). If you believe that two larger tags (where it would require a lot of effort to manually re-tag) are identical and should be put together then also tag your meta question with . After community discussion a ♦ Moderator can perform a merge.

Tag Synonyms

Tag synonyms allows for users who attempt to tag a question as something unsuitable are automatically suggested a more appropriate tag. See the list of current synonyms. If you think that the community would benefit from the creation of a tag synonym (typically a term is known by a more mainstream name or we are frequently having to re-tag a question) then you may be able to suggest it yourself using the built in mechanism. The easiest way to test this is to attempt to create the synonym and see if it reaches the voting stage.

If you are not able to propose a synonym yourself then post a question on meta also tagged with . Either a user with sufficient score in the tag or a ♦ Moderator may then propose the tag synonym for you.

Invalid Tags

As above if a tag is completely non-sensical or being used for a wide variety of unrelated questions (i.e. is useless) then you can remove it from all questions (if it is small) and new users will not be able to recreate it. If it is a larger tag or reappears after being removed post on meta and a ♦ Moderator will contact the development team to have the tag burned and/or blacklisted.