Community moderation is meant for dealing with posts, not with users. That is something that falls into the responsibility of us diamond moderators. We have a much better view of the history of a specific user, e.g. we can see deleted posts on a user profile. We also can message and suspend users, if necessary. This kind of moderator actions are mostly ...


Found out you can rss subscribe users (link at bottom right on profile page). Looking for a good rss app. The ones I've come across are too spamy


Here's the easy way to update your dp. Go to one of your other accounts (I used Stack Overflow as an example for the screenshots) Once on that account, click 'edit' Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click 'Save and copy changes to all Stack Exchange communities' As all your SE accounts have the same message in the bio, the only change this ...


Well, the first thing is that your @notifications didn't do anything. They only work for users that are either the owner of the parent post, have commented on the parent post or have edited or closed the parent post. You can't use them to attract users that haven't participated on that question. Generally you can assume that users interested in certain ...


Account deletion is a manual process, you might have to wait until the weekend is over and an SE employee sees the request.

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