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I am not your regular kind of researcher. I have a degree in molecular biology and specialized in virology after that didn't worked out so well. Now I am not working in anything related to science. I simply didn't have the chance to pursue my dreams because people thought they were too far away to be of any use in science and funding was limited. But this didn't despaired me, it MOTIVATED me to go any further and further into subjects NO one would dare!

And it is pretty much how things are still to this day. Although I don't have a fancy lab or a warm desk to return to in some cozy university I push forward every day analyzing the potential of ideas no one else would dare explore. I know I risk a lot but can't imagine doing anything else. This is why my research and ideas can seem quite UNorthodox to my colleagues and they may disagree with me. But it doesn't bothers me-when you are outside the system you sometimes can see things those on the inside are blind to! And I am one of those people who like to remind the others this.

Since I have no funding and no job in any university my research is mostly theoretical and often oriented towards philosophy and finding "holes" in the research of others, rather than to do anything myself. But it doesn't mean I have no ideas of my own or I am some sort of evil force searching for the mistakes of others to smear them. What my time and energy are contributed to are only the most important question in biology-the nature, origin, organization and evolution of life itself! This is my life's quest-to find a single theory to explain ALL life and be able to answer to ALL those tricky questions biologists often got, but can't mumble a single word about them! I can! :)

While most scientists complain about not having enough ideas and been too pressured to come up with new ideas, my problem is quite the opposite-I have so many ideas I can't pursue them all! I simply feel like my mind, spirit and body can't cope with everything I am seeing and want to explore. I feel like I need to cover so vast expenses of knowledge to proceed I just can't keep up with my research any more. The last few years I have been reading and reading all the time I could get and thinking and exploring as much as I can but it just is not possible for me any more to see how far my ideas can get. I think this year I've finally reached my limit! If I want to proceed from now on I simply need help! I need to ask a lot of questions to people from many (sometimes seemingly unrelated fields of science) so I can get the information I need to proceed. My brain is at its full capacity but even that isn't enough any more to continue exploring my ideas. The information I need is simply too much to search it out on my own. I now want to give my research to all the colleagues who can use it and together to see how far can it go and what precisely I have stumbled upon!

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