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Note: I am probably going to be more active on Codidact, so sorry if my activity isn't what it used to be.

Proposals on Area 51 that I am following currently if you would also like to follow:


Anthropology and Sociology

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  1. Click "Search" (it should have a magnifying glass on it)

  2. Click on where it says "Enter a level, user, or ID"

  3. Put the ID you want to search up in the bar.

I am a Scratch coder and am slowly learning more and more complex things, after I complete my Cookie Clicker project I might make a more complex version of it with a scroll function hopefully, or maybe work on creating the first FNAF game.


Instagram: CrSb0001

Cookie Clicker on Scratch update log

PvZ Ohio+(+) update log


Email: [email protected]

Reddit: u/Hot-Rock-1948

For people who can view this without a code snippet (sorry tbh) $$\Bbb{WHY}\text{, }\Bbb{JUST}\text{ }\Bbb{WHY}\text{, }\Bbb{WOULD}\text{ }\Bbb{YOU}\text{ }\Bbb{LOOK}\text{ }\text{ }\Bbb{AT}\text{ }\Bbb{MY}\text{ }\Bbb{TWITTER}(\Bbb{I}\text{ }\Bbb{AM}\text{ }\Bbb{NOT}\text{ }\Bbb{A}\text{ }\Bbb{FUNNY}\text{ }\Bbb{PERSON}\text{ }\Bbb{IN}\text{ }\Bbb{ALL}\text{ }\Bbb{HONESTY})$$ I'm pretty good at basic analytical mathematics and statistics (I'm also pretty good at matrices but probably not at the level where I could be considered a pro at it :\)

Mistakes of mine for you guys to learn from:

My first Puzzling.SE puzzle

My first attempt at making a multi part puzzle which yes, I will be continuing still. I promise it'll get better.

More to come!

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