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Is there a list of generic help comments?

Is there a list of generic comments available to users with higher rep to use in instances of reviewing and general site moderation? I've seen some users re-use the same moderation comments (e.g., ...
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How to be placed off hold

I have a question about my Biology Stack Exchange post: Reference Request: Nucleotides as adjoints I followed up on the requests for an edit immediately after it was given by adding a significant ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Should there be a warning regarding plagiarism in the homework help section

I am concerned that in answering some homework questions one is providing material for the questioner to use to obtain undeserved course credits. It may be spitting into the wind but I think the ...
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What are some good, informative comments I can leave for new users?

Many questions on this site are from new/low-reputation users who may not know all of the common rules and expectations of Biology and SE sites in general. Compounding this is the fact that users ...
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Add a clear statement on references in the "How do I write a good answer?"

At the moment there isn't a clear statement on the help page "How do I write a good answer?" saying that answers should preferably include references to back them up. For "good answers" I would say ...
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Does SE allow groups to follow users

I think this could possibly go against the philosophy of SE, but are you able to adjust setting to follow particular users: when they post and answer questions etc? Is this something that could be set ...
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Help center search doesn't find the homework page

I've noticed an issues with the help center search, it fails to find a specific help center post with obvious keywords. The post is the homework page on Biology, a search for "homework" in the help ...
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